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What is the most interesting topic that most of people like to talk? I hope you can guess it. That’s love. In our society, some of us are enjoying love while some are suffering from broken love. That’s the nature. However, Adara Nisadas shares many beautiful love poems which are talking to Sri Lankan hearts. Love, romance, pain of love are some of main topics. We know that some are saying that feeling of love is hard to express. But by the letters and poems, you can convert your feelings into words.

And don’t forget that love doesn’t limit to the lover’s love or life partners’ love. Love is in everywhere. Since our birth, we are experiencing that. We have different kind of love stages and we do experience them. Some of them are; parents’ love, friendship, brotherhood, lovers’ love, life partners’ love and so on. So our all Adara Nisadas also craft this wide feeling and showcase it in every angle.

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As I mentioned above, love is in everywhere. To survive this world, it is an essential thing. But it is really hard to define it. Even it is tough, the beautiful feeling creates many beautiful words and thoughts. By reading our Nisadas collection, we hope that you will find some inspiration to express just how deeply you care about the people in your life. And there are two sides in this love. Most of time, we are talking about the positive side of it. But do you know that there are many people are suffering from broken love?

Actually our Nisadas collection tries to reflect on the aftermath of a relationship and the myriad feelings that arise when we seek to cope with loss. But there are many positive side of Nisadas which are for caring girls and boys don’t wish to hurt those they have loved. I’m sure when you’ll read our collection, that you will find that love is elusive. Not only that but little things will define your love and imbue it with meaning also.

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