Best Homemade Beauty Remedies

Best Homemade Beauty Remedies Ayurveda Sri Lanka

Do you love to your skin, hair and nails? Hope all of you love t. And it is vital to maintain them in order to maintain our beauty. But the majority of products in the market are expensive. But do you know that many beauty remedies that you can make at home easily? Yes it does. Therefore, let’s see how you can enhance your look by using avocado, olive oil, honey and sugar.

  1. To remove the makeup, use Olive Oil – As olive oil counteracts greasy skin by naturally dissolving excess skin oil, it removes make up gently and leave your face fresh.
  2. Have a hand cream by using coconut milk – If you have a dry skin, then this hand cream is a best thing. What you have to do is, keep coconut milk in the fridge for a few days. Then you will see that it will thicken and become the consistency of a hand cream.

More Homemade Beauty Remedies

  1. Make an exfoliator by using honey and sugar – Generally we know that sugar leads to diabetic and make us fat. But do you know it helps to draw in moisture and replenish cells in your skin? Therefore, mix the brown sugar granules in honey and rub away dead skin in a moment in order to make a quick exfoliator.
  2. Make a Face Mask with Yogurt – most of us know how adverts are always going on about good bacteria in yogurt! Likewise yogurt does a great job for your skin in order to maintain your beauty. What you have to do is simply smear some yogurt on your face. Leave for few minutes. Then wash it off.
  3. Honey for curing cracked cuticles – Do you know that mixing honey and olive oil makes a wonderful home cuticle cream? What you have to do is apply it to your cuticles for five minutes twice a week for quick results. Smooth oil and energising honey is working with Aloe Vera in order to cure your cracks.

Therefore, try these best Homemade Beauty Remedies for your skin, hair and nails and experience the difference of your look.

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