Babata Namak-1

හිරුසර සෙනෙහස් බිනුලි අකිත්‍යා 
ඉමාශ් ලෙහංස සඳලි රශ්මිකා 
යොනාල් මෙතුජ පබදි නෙත්සරා 
සදරු නිලක්ෂ රශ්මි හිමේනා 
සෙහාස් ටශ්මික නෙත්මි අප්සරා 
සිහනු සස්මිත චන්දුලි උපන්යා 
හිරුක ගීනුල පුනරි සහන්යා 
සනුක දිනුල යෙහන්සා තරුනෙතු 
කිහාන් ඉන්දිව් සෙනුගි සුවින්යා 
හංසජිත් මෙනුක ලිතිනි අකේන්‍යා 
නෙහාන් දුල්සර මුතුෂි විශක්‍යා 
විහඟ සත්සර මල්ෂා සෙව්වන්දි 
නිමාන් යෙවුෂ් අමා ජනනි 
ළහිරු සංදීප් ඉරෝෂා මධුමාලි 
එරන්ද මිහිරංග නෙත්මිණි නිම්සරා 
දෙනෙත් හසරංග තනුගි ශේන්‍යා 
භාෂණ විකුම් තිලාරා නෙත්සඳි

Some can think that choosing a baby name is a very simple thing. But actually it’s not like that. There’s a lot of pressure in that. Because, the name that you are going to choose is the first thing people learn about your child. And don’t forget that chosen name will be a part of his/her for the rest of his/her life. Therefore, by this collection of babata namak-1, we thought to assist this task and make your life easy.

But keep in mind, even the naming your baby is a daunting process, actually it’s an interesting and funny experience. Do you know that some couples are discussing and researching and arguing about the name? And also some parents-to-be just hear a name and find they both love the sound. Actually there are many ways to choose a perfect name and here babata namak-1 will share some tips for that.

Babata Namak-1 – More

Even you find various beautiful name, agreeing on the perfect baby name can be a challenge. But if you’re a pregnant lady or if your wife is pregnant, then you have to face this. Do you know that finding a name you truly love is a challenge in itself and finding one your partner also feels is ‘the one’ can take the challenge to a whole new level?

However, let’s see some tips that help you to find a perfect name for your baby.

  • You should make a list of names.
  • You should give it some time – It’s better to take a step back and put the discussion on ice, if a name you both agree on does not present itself after a lengthy discussion/s.
  • Then you should have last resorts if you will have 02 beautiful names and can’t decide between the two. There are some options for that.

-Take turns; you can pick one name as a first name and the other name as the middle name of your baby. But here be sure to try both ways round. Because one will simply flow much more nicely as often.

-Toss a coin; if you can’t take a decision on, then leave it to fate to make the last decision.

-Wait and see until your baby will come. When parents will see their baby, then they can decide the right name.

See there are several tips that you can practice to find the perfect name for your baby and these tips will help you to make decisions. However, here Babata Namak-1 shares many beautiful and meaningful Sinhala Baby Boy Names and Sinhala Baby Girl Names.

Sinhala Names

Sinhala Names

Sinhala Names


One of the most fun things of all about babies are the gorgeous baby names to choose from. When you will check some western names from the internet, there are so many beauties. And it’s hard to narrow it to just one. But it’s not too easy to find Sinhala Names like that. Need some help, or just happen to love seeing the latest and greatest in Sinhala baby names? At your service, moms and dads!

Do you want to find some meaningful Sinhala names for your babies? If so, check out our Sinhala names collection to find a perfect and ideal Sinhala names for your baby girl or baby boy. More modern and meaningful names are there.

Sinhala Names – More

Actually, here you can find so many beautiful baby names in Sinhala. Not only that, from our you can find many fresh inspiration about baby naming and the new birth. And today, majority of parents are highly conscious about naming a baby. But still some are not taking it as an important task. But all of us have to accept that choosing a baby name for baby is a pretty important decision.

Sometimes, you may have to argue with your partner. But however, you should try to choose a name that both of you love. Because it’s your baby. We have seen, some grandparents are trying to involve in these decisions. You can take good ideas from them. But the final decision should come from you. And always, keep in mind that your chosen name should not harm to your baby’s personality and his/her future. Because the name is playing a big role in your baby’s life. So you have to think about that more. However, here you can find many modern Sinhala names. Stay tuned with us to have more updates.


Sinhala Baby Names List

Sinhala Baby Names List

Sinhala Baby Names List


Are you going to welcome a new family member to your family? If so, have you got ready all things? And are you taking care of yourself, especially the diet and all required things related to pregnancy? I guess, you have concerned all these things. But have you given your considerable attention for finding a perfect baby name? If not, here Sinhala Baby Names List will guide you how to find a perfect name.

Do you want to find a perfect Sinhala baby name? If so, check out Sinhala Baby Names List in order to have beautiful and meaningful Sinhala baby names for your lovely little baby girl or baby boy. Stay tuned with us to have more updates.

Sinhala Baby Names List – More

Based on the letter of Sinhala Hodiya, you can find various Sinhala names from here. And they are with the meaning. While you are looking baby names, you should keep some facts in mind. One important thing is that the initials of your baby name should match with your surname. It shouldn’t give some bad pronunciation. And also, the name that you’ll select should match to your baby’s qualities or appearance or his/her personality.

There’s a reason for that. That is the “Name” is the first icon that world is going to recognize your baby. So, the name will impact him/her a lot. Sometimes, we can see, when kids are growing up, they are changing their names as it’s’ out of dated or so funny look name or so cuteness and etc. So, you should be careful about your choice. That your choice will not let your kid to regret in future. If you will keep all these things in your mind, then you’ll not just imitate names from others. You’ll take some times and will finalize a perfect name for your baby.


Sinhala Baby Names Book

Sinhala Baby Names Book

Sinhala Baby Names Book


Is it an easy task to find a baby name? Or is it a tough thing? Or are you fed up with finding a good Sinhala name? You may have many issues regarding this. Now you don’t want to look here and there to find out a good Sinhala baby name. Check out Sinhala Baby Names Book collection to find the beautiful and meaningful baby names for your new-born or unborn baby girl or for baby boy.

But you can’t simply grab these names to your baby. Because, you have to think so many other related things too. That’s why we thought to share some important facts about naming a baby. And we hope they will help you to find out the best name from our collections.

Sinhala Baby Names Book – More

As mentioned above, you have to think some areas before finalizing a name for your little baby. Nowadays, many parents are conducting a small research about naming a baby. So, it’s much better if you will follow that kind of one too. And also you should consider about the first letter of your chosen name and other initials with your surname. Because sometimes, some initials are giving unusual pronunciations. For example; D.O.G. Thennakoon. That means, Don Oshadie Gihansa Thennakoon. But the initials are giving DOG pronunciation. That’s not good.

That’s why, under Sinhala Baby Names Book, we thought to discuss about these simple things. Actually these things are simple. But majority of you are neglecting them. And also, dear parents, try to choose a name that both of you love, always. Don’t let other outside people to involve or change your decisions. Because the baby is yours. So choose a name that both of you love. And always think how that chosen name will impact to your baby’s future. It should add value to your baby, not devalue your baby’s personality.

Babata Namak with Meaning

Babata Namak with Meaning


Are you going to be a mum and dad in near future? If so, have you made aware about all the important things? I guess that you have made well aware about the healthy diets for mummy, pregnancy exercises, drugs that should take, how to take care a new born baby and so many other things. But do you know how to find a perfect baby name? Check out our Babata Namak with Meaning collection to choose a meaningful and modern Sinhala baby names for baby boys and for baby girls.

As parents, you should know the importance of finding a perfect baby name. Because it will impact to your baby’s personality. With your life style, this task may give an additional pressure. But don’t give up. Even though it’s like that, finally you’ll be able to find out a good name. But you have to spend some considerable time for that. And there are some other elements to consider before finalizing your name.

Babata Namak with Meaning – More

As the initial thing, you can conduct a small research for the baby names. After that you can find some unique and modern names with meanings. And don’t make your own decision. You should discuss with your partner and try to choose a name that both of you love. And you should think about the initials of your chosen name and need to check whether it will go with your surname or not. Because, sometimes some initials give some unusual or funny pronunciations. Then it will impact to your baby’s personality in future.

And if you already have some kids, then you can choose a name that will go with his/her elder sister/brother’ name. Like that, you have to think many things before deciding a name. Stay tuned with Babata Namak with meaning to have more Sinhala baby names.



Babata Namak Sinhala

Babata Namak Sinhala

Babata Namak Sinhala


Are you looking for some beautiful and unique Sinhala baby names? If so, check out our Babata Namak Sinhala collection to find the most meaningful and modern Sinhala baby names by the internet. Many names are there for baby boys and baby girls. Actually, pregnancy is one of significant as well as pleasurable stage at any woman’s life. And it’s an amazing experience for the father also.

So many things that you should think in pregnancy. Among them, finding a perfect name for your unborn baby or newly born baby is one of unforgettable and pleasurable things in your life. Today, majority of us are busy with our businesses or with our daily work. So we don’t have time to go and find a name. And majority of us are using the internet. So how good we can get them via internet easily!

Babata Namak Sinhala – More

As mentioned above, here you can find many Sinhala names including traditional and modern names. But you should keep in mind that even the name and meaning is good, you shouldn’t take it as your final name at once. You should consider many things. Here, under Babata Namak Sinhala, we are going to make you aware about how important the name in your baby’s life and main things that you should care. One of main thing is that the first letter of your chosen name with your surname. IN other words, you should check whether it will go with your surname or not.

And the chosen name should be match to your baby’s grown-up age also. Because, some names are there, it’s good for the childhood. They are such a cute. But they are not good when your baby will grow up. And always try to choose a name that both of you love, not the other people. And both of you should discuss before finalizing the name. All these things are important, because the name that you are going to choose will impact to your baby’s personality.

Babata Namak Sinhala List – More

Babata Namak Sinhala List


Are you a mum to be in near future? If so, I guess you are worrying about a perfect name for your baby? What kind of name are you looking? Any modern Sinhala name? Check out the collection of Babata Namak Sinhala List for finding a perfect modern as well as meaningful Sinhala Baby Girl Name or a Sinhala Baby Boy Name. Keep in mind, whenever you’ll finalize a name, think about the meaning.

Not only that, but there are many other things to be cared. I know majority of Sri Lankan parents are thinking those things. And don’t forget that finding a baby name is one of magnificent experience same as giving birth to a baby. However, while finding a good name for your baby, let’s see what are the important areas that you should think about when choosing a name.

Babata Namak Sinhala List – More

Unfortunately, some parents are not caring this is as a serious thing. But the name that you are going to give for your baby will play a big role of his/her life. Because, the “Name” is the foremost thing that whole world and the society is going to recognize your baby. So, don’t take this as a simple thing and don’t just imitate a name from others. You have to think many things. Before starting to find a name for your baby, try to do a small research. And then discuss with your partner.

You can grab many names from others. But don’t forget to find out the meanings of those names. Because meaning will impact to the personality of your baby. In here, Babata Namak Sinhala List will share many meaningful modern Sinhala name. Therefore, you don’t want to limit yourself by just hearing the sound of any name. Here you can find the meanings related to all these names. And sometimes you have to argue with your partner. But however, try to come up to a one decision and try to find out a name that both of you love. Because that’s your baby. Stay tuned with us to have more names in future.


Sinhala Name Meaning

Sinhala Name Meaning

Sinhala Name Meaning

baby names



Are you having a new-born baby? Or are you waiting to the arrival of your unborn baby? If so, you may think about how to pick a name for your baby, nowadays? Here we are going to share some meaningful Sinhala baby names for girl and boys. Find out our Sinhala Name Meaning collection to pick the perfect and meaningful Sinhala name for your baby boy or baby girl.

Not only the names, but also we’d like to share some tips to have a healthy baby, if you’re still in pregnancy. Because, sometimes majority of our pregnant ladies are worrying about external things. But your first priority should be your baby’s and yours health.

Sinhala Name Meaning – More

We know that you are quite busy to find out a name. That’s why, we’d like to share some facts that would be helpful to you, with this Sinhala Name Meaning. Normally, in Sri Lanka, we have a myth that when someone is pregnant, she should eat for 02 persons. It’s not true. Actually you will experience some changes in your immune system. But you should eat what you are able to eat, not for two person. And always, you should try to eat nutritious food.

Actually it is a simple thing. What you have to do is, add fresh things into your main meals; vegetables, salad (including Pala), fruits and fish. As Sri Lankan ladies, you can find red rice. So it’s much better to have that rice. You don’t want to add artificial things or milk powder for your meals. Add grains and fresh milk. In addition to that, drink plenty of water and do exercise which are good for the pregnancy. The main thing that you should do is dispelling the rumours and getting the clarification of the myths about foods that are healthy during pregnancy and those to steer clear of.

Read Sinhala Baby NamesBabata Namak


Sinhala Baby Names

Sinhala baby names

Sinhala Baby Names

Sinhala baby names


Are you looking for any good name list to choose the perfect baby girl or baby boy name? If so, here is the place. Our Sinhala Baby Names collection shares many meaningful and modern Sinhala Names for your unborn baby or newly arrived family member. Sinhala Baby Boy Names, Sinhala Baby Girl Names and many uncommon names are here. And from our website, you can find fresh content continuously. If you are a pregnant mother, picking out your baby name is an emotional thing. And some may can say it is an easy task. But actually it’s not like that.

But from our website, we’ll guide you and share some suggestions. I’m sure, by those guidance, you can pick a name easily. And we know, there are different kind of parents in Sri Lanka. Some are looking for some traditional or classical names. And some are looking for names which are juicier, smarter, cooler, better one. No matter your attitudes.

Sinhala Baby Names – More

As I mentioned above, there are various attitudes in parents’ minds. But no matter about that. Here our Sinhala Baby Names Collection is one of best place to pick up a perfect name. Actually this will make your life easy and it shares baby names, to ones for your beautiful little girl, or ones with swagger for the little boy in your life. And before you starting to find a baby name, it’s better to search some advices to solve common conflicts on baby name selection process and it’s better to follow some tips and tricks for making the final call.

Even this baby name selection task is little bit tough thing, there’s nothing quite as pleasurable as settling on the perfect moniker for your little one. Keep that in mind and check out our Sinhala Baby Names list. And don’t forget that what you choose for your little one reveals more about your personality than theirs, especially their names

Find some Babata Namak , Sinhala Name Meaning

Babata Namak

Babata Namak


Babata Namak



Are you a pregnant lady? Or are you a girl or lady who is looking for a beautiful Sinhala Baby name? If so, what’s your thought about choosing a baby name? You may say it’s just a simple thing. But actually it’s not like that. Here, Babata Namak will share many valuable points about choosing a perfect baby name and will share beautiful collection of baby names. If you will search in the internet, you can find many baby names. But it’s difficult to find a beautiful Sinhala Baby Name.

Actually, if you really want to find a good name and work hard for that, then you will experience a lot of pressure in that. Because the NAME is the first thing that people learn about your child in future. And it is a part of your baby for his/her rest of life.

Babata Namak – More

As I tried to explain above, naming a baby is a daunting process. But don’t forget, even it is like that, it will give a great pleasure. Sometimes you’ll have to do some researches, discuss with your partner or argue with your partner. However, there are many ways to find a perfect name for the baby. Among them, there are 03 easy steps to follow. The first easy step is that you should make sure the first letter of your selected name goes well with your surname. When you select the name, so you have to be careful about that first letter.

The name that you’ll go to select for your baby, should not cause your child grief until the day child is old enough. That is the second step to select a perfect name. And the third and most wonderful step is that you should select a name you love. Because we know sometimes many people are involving to choose a name for the baby. But don’t agree with other people, if you’ll not like to any particular name. Because you are the mother or father of the baby. Therefore, as parents, you have a great responsibility about finding a name. Here, check out the collection of Babata Namak which shares many beautiful and meaningful Sinhala Baby Boy Names and Sinhala Baby Girl Names.

Find some Sinhala Baby Names , Sinhala Name Meaning