Sinhala Name Meaning

Sinhala Name Meaning

Sinhala Name Meaning

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Are you having a new-born baby? Or are you waiting to the arrival of your unborn baby? If so, you may think about how to pick a name for your baby, nowadays? Here we are going to share some meaningful Sinhala baby names for girl and boys. Find out our Sinhala Name Meaning collection to pick the perfect and meaningful Sinhala name for your baby boy or baby girl.

Not only the names, but also we’d like to share some tips to have a healthy baby, if you’re still in pregnancy. Because, sometimes majority of our pregnant ladies are worrying about external things. But your first priority should be your baby’s and yours health.

Sinhala Name Meaning – More

We know that you are quite busy to find out a name. That’s why, we’d like to share some facts that would be helpful to you, with this Sinhala Name Meaning. Normally, in Sri Lanka, we have a myth that when someone is pregnant, she should eat for 02 persons. It’s not true. Actually you will experience some changes in your immune system. But you should eat what you are able to eat, not for two person. And always, you should try to eat nutritious food.

Actually it is a simple thing. What you have to do is, add fresh things into your main meals; vegetables, salad (including Pala), fruits and fish. As Sri Lankan ladies, you can find red rice. So it’s much better to have that rice. You don’t want to add artificial things or milk powder for your meals. Add grains and fresh milk. In addition to that, drink plenty of water and do exercise which are good for the pregnancy. The main thing that you should do is dispelling the rumours and getting the clarification of the myths about foods that are healthy during pregnancy and those to steer clear of.

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