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All of us have to face good and bad experience in our lives. But the life, nature, animals, people and everything are teaching many lessons to us. Actually we can learn from the past, dream about the future and look up. When we are facing many unforgettable experience, many beautiful thought are coming to our mind. And then they are converting into beautiful poems. Likewise, the collection of Sinhala Nisadas is sharing many beautiful and meaningful Sinhala poems which are talking about our lives. Love, happiness, family bonding, friendship and pain of love are the main topics.

When you will read these Sinhala poems, you will feel that the wordings are touching our hearts when they are in our own language. And majority of our Nisadas will encourage you to face the future bravely.

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As mentioned above, main topics of our Sinhala Nisadas collection are; love, happiness, family bonding, friendship and pain of love. But among them, love is getting the priority. Because both young and matured people are loving this feeling. And when it says “love”, it’s not only talking about love between lovers or fiancé and fiancée. There are many definitions and explanations we can find about love. Can you define it exactly? Actually it’s impossible. It depends on the angel that spokesman sees. “Love is one in which the loved one is free to be himself” is the most acceptable explanation for that.

And this feeling of love is to laugh with his/her partner, but never at his/her partner; to cry with his /her partner, but never because of his/her partner; to love life, to love himself, to love being loved. So you can enjoy our Nisadas collection which talks about life lessons. And you can see that people can find out who they want to be and in war they find out who they are, in love. Do you know that our relationships in this world just like holding sand in our hands? If we untighten our hands, then sand trickles through our fingers. That’s the nature of our lives. However, while you enjoy these Sinhala Nisadas, you can get many lessons to the life also. Stay tuned with us, we’ll update our collection.

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