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While the Global Film Industry is rapidly growing, our Sri Lankan cinema and tele drama industries are also getting some improvements. Therefore, in order to make them colourful and to make them more realistic production, our Sri Lankan Actress put a huge effort. And their talents, skills, personalities and their beauty are highly impacting to hit the production. When talking about Sri Lankan Actress, still majority of us are loving the actresses who were in 70’s and 80’s. For example, all of us name Malini Fonseka as our queen in Cinema in Sri Lanka.

Likewise, each generation, there is some particular Sri Lankan Actress who kept unforgettable memories in her fans. And there are many new and young Sri Lankan Actress have come to the field. And some of them are already popular among Sri Lankans. Therefore, we thought to share some of important facts about their lives with you. Note: All these facts are taken from the internet and we are not responsible for the accuracy of them.

Here, find your favourite Sri Lankan Actress information. All these are for your entertainment only. Note down the special days of their lives and send your greetings.

Sri Lankan Actress – Gossip

 Sri Lankan Actress

Malani Fonseka

  • Known as “Queen of Sinhalese Cinema”.
  • Date of Birth; 30th April 1947.
  • Status; Married to Upali Senanayake (m. 1965; div. 1980) Lucky Dias (m. 1986)
  • Remarkable Awards; Sarasaviya Best Actress Award (1980), (1982), (1983).                                            Sarasaviya Most Popular Actress Award (1980–1983).

Nita Fernando

  • Born; In Negombo.
  • Status; Married to Elien Perera(m. 1975).
  • Remarkable Awards;      Best Actress Award at the 1998 Singapore International Film Festival, Vishwa Kirthie Award.Presidential Award. Critics Award in 1999. OCIC Award for Best Actress in 2000.

Swarna Mallawarachchi

  • Born; 1948
  • Status; Married
  • Remarkable Awards; 1981 Presidential Awards – Best Actress – Hansa Vilak.
  • 1982 OCIC Awards – Best Actress – Ridi Nimnaya/Biththi Hathara/Yahalu Yeheli.
  • 1983 Sarasaviya Awards – Best Actress – Dadayama.
  • 1983 OCIC Awards – Best Actress – Dadayama.
  • 1984 OCIC Awards – Best Actress – Maya.
  • 1985 OCIC Awards – Best Actress – Suddilage Kathawa.
  • 1985 Sarasaviya Awards – Best Actress – Suddilage Kathawa.
  • 1986 Presidential Awards – Best Actress.
  • 1988 Swarna Sanka Awards – Best Actress – Sagara Jalaya.

Kanchana Mendis

  • Studied; In Negombo.
  • Status; Married to Roshan and has 01 child.
  • Remarkable Awards; Sumathi Tele award at Artscope for Most Popular Actress, Presidenial Award for Rajya Sewaya Pinisayi.

Yashoda Wimaladharma

  • Born; 28th October 1970
  • Status; Single
  • Career;  She is an award-winning Sri Lankan film and teledrama actress.
  • Popular Films; Guru Gedara, Maruthaya, Thirtha Yatra, Kalu sudu mal & Maharaja Gemunu.

Damitha Abeyratne

  • Born; 14th September 1975
  • Popular Movies; Mee Haraka, Sulang Kirilli.
  • Remarkable Awards;      Sarasaviya Best Actress Award (2003), Sumathi Best Actress Award (2006).

Dilhani Ekanayake

  • Born; 20th January 1973
  • Status; Married to Priyankara Perera.
  • Remarkable Awards;      Sarasaviya Best Actress Award in 2005.

Dinakshie Priyasad

  • Born; 18th March 1990
  • Status; Single
  • Popular Teledramas;      Yaya 4, Ammawarune, Raena, Muhunu Potha.

Yureni Noshika

  • Born; In Sri Lanka
  • Status; Single
  • Popular Teledramas;      Kindurangana ,  Ayal, Pingala Danawwa & Sihina Cinderella.

Dinakshie Priyasad

  • Born; 18th March 1990
  • Status; Single
  • Popular Teledramas;      Yaya 4, Ammawarune, Raena, Muhunu Potha.

Upeksha Swarnamali

  • Born; 26th June 1984
  • Status; Married (Mahesh Chaminda Walawgamage – divorced. 2013 & Samantha Perera – m. 2016)
  • Popular Films;   Suseema, Bomba Saha Rosa & Cindrella.

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